Boity Thulo on being a traditional healer

Most recently Thulo came out with the news that she had answered her calling of becoming a traditional healer, adding that she graduated after five months of training.

It was later reported by Sowetan that Thulo maintains that she is still Christian who attends church.

Tweeps have since shared their reactions as the news emerged, with some saying they were confused at the fusion of the two different belief systems.

It is clear that for Thulo both Christianity and traditional (ancestral) beliefs can co-exist in her life and she credits both for her success.




Gugu Zulu’s family is devastated

The father of rally driver Gugu Zulu has opened up about his heartache following his son’s passing.

Speaking to the Daily Sun, Peter Zulu says Gugu was a sweet soul who loved his family.

“Gugu was my only son and my hero. We are devastated. It feels like it’s all a dream,” the 63-year-old told the publication.

Gugu died on Monday morning while attempting to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for charity.

A few days before his passing he spoke about being ill.